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Dealing with a serious injury is difficult — and it’s even harder if you don’t have medical insurance. Eight out of 10 people without insurance are from families who work but simply cannot afford the expensive premiums and do not qualify for public assistance. And for many years, Texas has led the country in an unfortunate statistic — how many people are uninsured and lack access to medical care.

Without insurance, it can be difficult to obtain medical care. The costs are prohibitive and can take months, if not years, to pay off. While emergency rooms are legally required to accept uninsured patients, other doctors can turn away injured accident victims, making it extremely difficult for individuals with non-emergency conditions to get treatment. Even those with serious medical problems may put off visiting a doctor with the hope that the problems will go away without the need to incur high medical care expenses.

Uninsured? You still have options for recovery

If your accident was the fault of another party, you may be able to seek compensation through a personal injury lawsuit. As an experienced Houston accident attorney, Shane R. Kadlec can explain your options.

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Paying for medical expenses after an accident

Many people without insurance require medical treatment after being injured in an accident — but not everyone obtains the medical treatment they need. Whether suffering from chronic pain or a minor injury, many of these people do not seek treatment because they do not have the means to pay for it. This can prove problematic if they ultimately decide to sue the party who injured them, as it is difficult to prove measurable damages without showing medical bills and specific diagnoses.

Because Shane Kadlec's firm operates on a contingency — meaning that we put forth the money to pursue your claim and only receive payment if we’re successful in the case — we’ll help you find a physician and other medical care you need. We believe that no person should have to suffer because of a lack of medical insurance or because they don’t have the financial resources to fight an unjust situation. Our clients often get a doctor appointment the same day, so call now and speak with our staff.

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